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Did you know??

76% of entrepreneurs who started their business with a vision said they are exactly as successful as they said they would be.  (Study done by TD Bank Dec 2016-Jan 2017)

Think about that, 76% of the small biz owners who were asked said they had a vision for their business.   

Are you part of the 76% right now?

Do you find yourself getting lost and busy working in your business?

Do you find the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes over? 

We forget the importance of stepping back and looking at where our business is at and what needs to change, improved upon, be removed or even added to create the level of success you want.

I have been there.   I was working HARD and not seeing the benefits.  I was struggling to find the right clients and make the money I knew was possible in my business.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to share your message your vision, attract the right clients, build a team and make more money?

Most business owners, have difficulty being crystal clear on where their business is going and translating that to their team, customers and partners. 

 An intimate 2-day VIP Session working with me directly in a small group of 8-10 people, to help you break through your blocks, create a powerful vision, a personalized strategic plan, clear communication, lasting enrolment and more money.


Stepping back and working on your business helps you ELEVATE your business and RECONNECT you with your VISION.  That’s a proven fact.

  • Ready to deep dive into the heart of your business?
  • Ready to become crystal clear with your vision and message?
  • Are you ready to learn the strategies to attract and retain clients you really want to work with?
  • If you are ready to generate more money in your bank account?

If you say YES then this special opportunity is right for you, right now….  

Oh, did I mention that you will be with inspired business owners like yourself, and wait have fun? 

I love getting dedicated, highly motivated entrepreneurs like you together in the same room for a day of business growth and expansion.

This is a small group of entrepreneurs, so you want to make sure you secure your seat right now, there are only 10 spots available.

My business and my life become wildly successful when I realized I needed to surround myself with the right people a coach, multiple million dollar mentors, and a personal advisory board that support me in building my business.

This interactive training is customized for a small group to give you the 1-1, hands on attention for your business.    

Intimate VIP Session to help you break through your blocks, redefine your business, and create a powerful vision, a personalized strategic plan, clear communication, lasting enrolment and more money.


When you do better in business, you do better in life.

We block out the noise that constantly surrounds us and we can concentrate on how to lift ourselves up and create greater impact in business.

Entrepreneurship is in your blood - and we know it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to supercharge your business and boost your revenue

I am now a Master Facilitator and Business Coach and I teach entrepreneurs how to make more money and create massive impact in their business and life.


What makes me different? 

I have been an entrepreneur for over 17 years I made many mistakes before I had incredible successes in my business.   When I became crystal clear of my business direction I then created a detailed road map to get there. I now teach other entrepreneurs the step by step strategy to create their road map.  

The first year of my business was filled with what seemed like insurmountable odds, but I did it.

 And now I show other entrepreneurs how to do it too.  

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If I can do it so can you. 

In two days I can show you what it took me a couple of years to accomplish. 


 In this jam-packed session learn how to:

  • Listen to your business and get CLARITY 
  • How to FOCUS on your new-found CLARITY without any distractions
  • Create a solid vision for your business and life
  • Implement your new DIRECTION through actionable roadmap designed for maximum results

Join me for your VIP Group Program.

What is it?

  • It’s a 2-day VIP Session in North York, Ontario
  • It’s an intimate business gathering with a small group of like-minded business owners
  • It’s your chance to work privately with me
  • It’s an opportunity to focus on your business to find your fastest path to cash

Who is it for? Ask yourself is this you:

  • The SERIOUS business owner who is tired of wondering what they need to do next to bring in new clients
  • The COMMITTED entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make real money consistently month after month (as opposed to wondering where next month’s money will come from)
  • Anyone who is COACHABLE and wants the experience of an intimate focused group

So if this is you!!

Then we invite you to register for a spot at the VIP Session.

This is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for a quick fix
  • you bounce from event to event
  • you aren't serious, committed and not willing to do the work
  • you are lazy, make excuses and play the victim

Here It Is

If you’re serious about growing your business. If you’re serious about making a change in the way you think, operate, and live within your business, then you need to register now.

And I'm so committed to your success that it's not even going to cost you a fortune to attend!   

I purposely keep these groups small, so that the setting is intimate and personal. So don't wait to register. There are only 10 spots available and they will fill up quickly!

The investment for this 2 day event is $1795.00 +HST!


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What My Clients Are Saying

The greatest reward I get for what I do is the results that my clients are able to achieve. Here are a few words from my clients.

""Working with Carolyn has changed how I do business and who I choose to work with. She supported me in becoming crystal clear in where I wanted to take my business and what I needed to do to get there. I was able to shift to attracting bigger higher paying clients and in less than a year working my bus very part-time I was able to triple my income. "

Gregory Turner
Supersize Your Business

"Prior to working with Carolyn I was struggling to see clearly through the everyday grunt work of my business. Purchasing a VIP session was the best decision I could have made! Carolyn sat me down and we slowly went through my whole business. She helped me to lay it all out and by the end of the session I was so clear on my vision and my 5 year plan, I felt such a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt a sense of clarity that I have never felt, not just in my business but in my life."

Stephanie Prince - Simmons
Founder, Dimples Decor

I have personally gone to events filled with hundreds of people and paying thousands. And I wasn’t able to get hands-on intensive coaching that you’ll have access to during this entire day. 

OK, I'll admit, this event is a little self-serving. 

I love working with smaller groups. I love helping business owners see the blind spots in their businesses. I love the power of having a full day away from the world to just work on you and your business. 

Most importantly, I love seeing the look on someone's face when the light bulb goes off and they say: "Oh I get it! I know how I can easily increase my income, grow my client base and have more time for me and my family." Wouldn’t this be great if you could have this?

So Here’s The Deal

You can sign up for the VIP Group Program and get the following:

  • Business assessment
  • 2 day VIP coaching and strategy session
  • A Personalized Action Plan just for you
  • 1 - 1 hour private coaching call with me
  • 1 -2 hour group coaching call with me
  • Feedback and resources to support your growth
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Have you ever heard the expression, “You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone”?

I have heard it a lot when I was struggling to pay my bills. I fought getting help because I thought I had to do it on my own. Sound familiar?

It all turned around for me when I decided to get help. I understood that I can not do it alone and the only way to change my business, was by getting help with it.

The VIP Session is going to give you the CLARITY and EXACT STRATEGY to grow your business, attract the right clients, and pay you what you are worth so you never have to chase clients again.


I look forward to working with you!

Carolyn Dickinson

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PS - Are you in? But you need to act quickly. There are only 10 spots available for the next session January 17th/18th, 2019.
The price is $1795.00 +HST.



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