The right coach supports you in creating the clarity you need to accelerate change and teaches you how to build a plan to make it all happen.

Executive Coaching

Are you Ready to have the Big Vision and a Business Success

  • Are you a leader that knows what you want but you are not sure how to get it?
  • Are you stuck and not sure why or how you even became stuck?
  • Are you tired of working hard and not getting the results you want or deserve?
  • Are you wondering why you are not being paid what you worth? 

Our Executive Coaching Programs Allows you to:

  • Creating a clear powerful vision that will take your business to higher levels and get the results you are looking for
  • Breaking down the barriers that are holding you back and eliminate your self-doubt
  • Diving deep into the heart of your business
  • Becoming crystal clear with your vision and message.
  • Learning the strategies to attract and retain clients you really want to work with.
  • Creating a business culture you love and powerful team that works with you to grow your business 

We offer you:

  • Objective support with not judgement
  • A confidential sounding board
  • Accountability when you really need it
  • Business Solutions that work and will grow your business

If you’re serious about growing your business. If you’re serious about making a change in the way you think, operate, and live within your business, then you are in the right place.

Stepping back and working on your business helps you ELEVATE your business and RECONNECT you with your VISION.  That’s a proven fact. 

Who is this solution for:

Our Executive Coaching is for CEO, Founders, and Entrepreneurs.

Elite 1:1 Coaching Program

Private Coaching Program – 12-month package which gives you:

  • 2 – 30 minute, 1:1 calls per month
  • Email support
  • SOS calls (12 during your contract)
  • 2 - 5-hour VIP sessions in person (Value $5,995 + HST)

To see if this is the program for you, book your 30 minute discovery session today.



 Elite VIP Package:

Private VIP Session to help you break through your blocks, redefine your business, and create a powerful vision, a personalized strategic plan, clear communication, lasting enrolment and more money.

Elite VIP Program

  • 5 hours - one to one in person coaching and strategic planning with Carolyn Dickinson
  • Business Assessment to be done prior to VIP Day
  • 90 days of support starting directly after your session. 6 – 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Email support 

Who is it for:

Our Elite VIP Package is for CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs.



Carolyn as a keynote brings a different flare to any session. She delivers a strong message to the crowd and has everyone paying attention. She is skilled at making a connection with her audience that makes them want to learn more. She tells is how it is in a way that is heard by the audience.

As an International Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author – She ia also a wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls.

She knows first hand what it takes to build and run a successful business and still take care of those who matter to us the most.

Because of this, when she works with you, she has a strong focus on creating clarity in your business and your life. 


Online Signature Program

Big Vision Bigger Success

This step by step blueprint will show you how to take your knowledge and skills to grow your business, enforce your foundation and your bottom line.



Are you ready to practice self-leadership, realize your worthiness, share your innate gifts with the world, and find the courage to follow your vision?

The way I see it, for true success we need work on the whole person. Your business and life are connected no matter how we look at it. I’ll show you how to make a reliable income doing what you love, in a way that allows you to be the person you want to be. Imagine waking up to a life with more joy and freedom than you ever thought possible, having the confidence to build and nurture a thriving business, and (finally!) being able to manage your time in a way that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.



"As a new business owner, I felt stuck many times and I had no idea where I really wanted to go. I needed clarity in my business, and support on how to work smart. I was working all the time and had very little family time. When I met Carolyn, I liked her firm and no-nonsense approach. Her confidence and knowledge, and I knew I had the right person for me. Our VIP Session was exactly what I needed to bring me clarity and to get me going in the right direction with my business. Carolyn could see the possibility for my business before I could. I felt empowered and really motivated, which resulted in the right action steps and major change. I felt more confident, and I have seen steady growth in my business and my income. My business and life is more organized, and I have quality time with my family without feeling guilty. I was even offered a partnership in a business when I shared my vision for mine. Carolyn is very easy to talk to, approachable and will go above and beyond with her expertise to help get the clarity you need to have the success you want. Thank you, Carolyn."

Klara Zaeni
Medical Aesthetician, Laser Technician,
Certified Natural Health Practitioner C.N.H.P.

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