This step by step blueprint will show you how to take your knowledge and skills to grow your business, enforce your foundation and your bottom line.


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It's time for you to create that vision, make more money and create massive impact in your business and life.


Stepping back to look at working on your business helps you elevate your business and reconnect you with your vision and your purpose. That’s a proven fact.

In a study 76% of business owners asked stated that they had a vision when they started their business and are exactly where they said they would be. Seeing a clear vision is often difficult for most business owners. It can be a challenge to really envision where your company can and will be 2-5 years down the road. You can imagine what that would look like if you did not have the right vision in place.

Clarity around what you really want not what you think you should do, makes your business succeed.


Become crystal clear on what you want your business and your life to look like

How to focus, what to focus on and how to stay focused

Designing a vision that excites you, keeps you driven and motivated to keep moving your business forward even when distractions arise

Implement your new direction through a clear actionable roadmap designed for maximum results

Most business owners do not have a strong, detailed, actionable vision in place. If your business is not where you want it to be then this is definitely, the area to start with.  



Most business owners have difficulty being crystal clear on where their business is going and translating that to their team, customers and partners.

As a Master Facilitator and Business Coach I teach entrepreneurs how to create that vision, create a solid foundation, make more money and create massive impact for their business and customers.

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This Training Is For Entrepreneurs who want a solid foundation for their Business

You have knowledge, passion, desire, drive, and you want to help your potential customers!

This step by step blueprint will show you how to take your knowledge and skills to grow your business, enforce your foundation and your bottom line.

➡️ Are you just starting out?

➡️ Are you making money in your business and not sure what to do next!?

➡️ Do you want to change direction and not sure how?

I am not going to make you any crazy big promises.

Frankly, I am tired of being told with 30 minutes a day for 30 days you will be able to make a $100,000.00 or a million...

That is exciting news, but not always doable for everyone. And if you can’t get it done in that time frame it makes you feel like you have failed. It makes you feel like you want to give up.

I know because I have been here. It Sucks!

You have LIFE TIME ACCESS to the program so you can work at your own pace and go back any time to review.

There is no quick fix I promise you that. I worked hard to build my business and create my systems, strategies and programs. I want to support you in bypassing some of the challenges I had and help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

It does not matter what business you are in or starting there is always work to be done.

This is the same program I take my 1:1 coaching clients through, and they have reached their goals in half the time we set out to.

Here's What's Included:

10 Modules

Packed with video trainings and printable downloads. 


Full Workbook

Follow along and make notes with a full printable workbook that covers all 10 modules. 

24/7 Access

Learn at your own pace and rewatch
the trainings at anytime.

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Module 1

A Vision That Drives You

Having a big vision for your business and life. Learn a proven system to easily create a powerful vison/dream or enhance an existing one, that keeps you focused and on track to reach your big and small goals. Hit Your Bullseye Faster!

Module 2

Your Big Real Why

Reconnect with why you started your business and why you were so passionate about moving it forward or get excited about the business you wanted to start. Your marketing secrets are hidden here.

Module 3

Marketing to the Right People

Your vision and purpose clearly identifies who your target market is. A target market that will pay you what you are worth. Learn how to tie it all together and to speak to your market so they feel heard.

Module 4

Your Road Map

A proven step by step system that lays out what you need to do each year, month, week and day. Your plan is your road map to reaching your bullseye. We will show you how to set it up for success. Using a downloadable plan so you can fill it out as you go.

Module 5

Listen and be Respected. Speak and Be Heard.

More than 80% of our time is spent in communication. Master your active listening skills and watch your business results sore. The key to sales is connecting with your clients. We will walk you through  the steps it takes to open your mind and strengthen your communication skills to achieve the results you want. 

Module 6

How Your Business Will Run

Business culture is necessary to grow your business and is essential to create a healthy company. Learn how to identify what your business culture is and learn how to find the right people that fit the way you want your business to run and will support you in growing it.

Module 7

One More Person is a Team

Learn what team members you need to add and when for optimal results. The kind of people you want to build your business with. This is key in building a strong foundation for your business and its growth. Right people to bring your vision to LIFE.

Module 8

It All Starts With You

Be the leader that people want to follow. Step by step blueprint that shows you how to be your best leader, that engages your team, attracts the right clients and builds a strong foundation for your business growth.

Module 9

Your Marketing is your Vision and Purpose

Create a powerful message with your story for your business. Learn how to speak to your target market so they hear you and feel heard.  

Module 10

Staying Focused

Eliminate the time and effort spent on distracting activities and unproductive actions. Accountability is important for you and any team members you work with. Learn the system that will keep you focused and on track.

Bonus 1

It is proven to that to maximize your time as a business owner, you must value your time. Together we will create a weekly schedule that keeps you on track even when you get derailed by business or life.

Bonus 2

Together we will take all the learning from modules 1 – 11 and summarizes how they all work together to complete your business puzzle. You will have a clear picture of what it is needed to have a powerful vision and the action steps to hit your bullseye.

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"As a new business owner, I felt stuck and had no idea where I really wanted to go. I needed direction in my business, and support on how to work smart.

Carolyn could see the possibility for my business before I could. With a clear vision, I felt empowered and really motivated, which resulted in the right action steps and major change.

I now have steady growth in my business and my income. My business and life are more organized, and I have quality time with my family without guilt. I was even offered a partnership in a business when I shared my vision.

Carolyn is very easy to talk to, approachable and will go above and beyond with her expertise to help get the clarity you need to have the success you want. Thank you, Carolyn.”

Klara Zaeni
Medical Aesthetician

Laser Technician
Certified Natural Health Practitioner C.N.H.P.

Big Vision Bigger Success


It's time for you to create that vision, make more money and create massive impact in your business and life!

I'm Ready!

Your Coach

You must get clear on your vision, on your plan, and on the action, you’re going to take. I help you achieve that goal – and give you the tools to deal with the challenges that come up so that your vision doesn’t get derailed. I partner with you to design a road map for your business success.

Carolyn Dickinson
In-Demand Speaker, International Executive Coach and Author


Working with Organizations And Businesses To Level Up Clarity of Vision, Leadership, Communication, And Team Dynamics