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Founder of CDI Consulting, Speaker, Global Executive Coach, and Author

Carolyn helps organizations and businesses overcome obstacles, simplify and achieve their grandest visions and goals – one step at a time.

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“Anything is possible when you have a clear vision - it can ignite a powerful action plan to achieve your ultimate success.”

The Early Years

I was a tomboy. Fire in my belly, and a steadfast resolve to be an to have my own business!

I think it had to do with hearing people tell me what I couldn't do.  I did not like being told I couldn't do something.  Not having a single idea of how to actually start my own business didn’t hold me back!

I believed there was more out there for me.

I started with the obvious, school. I got a psychology degree and an early childhood diploma, and I became a certified family mediator. 

BUT, I was looking for more.

I loved the business world and coupled my psychology training with my love for business. I built Supermom Entrepreneur, an online community, and then created the I Am the Boss Conference that ran for 5 years and it was a big success! 

Carolyn Dickinson

BUT (isn’t there always a but?)

If I’d had a stronger vision and a sustainable, strategic plan I would have created even more.

There was a common thread in those two businesses I created.

I loved helping people overcome their challenges and have the success they were looking for, BUT (here we go again) deep down, I often wondered why I was doing it what was the real driving force for me!

I never felt that this was where I was supposed to be, but I didn’t know how to ask for help.

I was also so busy hustling to grow my businesses that I was exhausted and burning out all the time.

From My deep curiosity about the way people think and how they perceive business and life, I realized quickly that the most important thing for any person or business is to have a clear solid vision. As a result, supporting your goals and making them achievable.

Carolyn Dickinson

The Big Hit

Then the lesson came.

One sunny fall day everything changed: my daughters and I were nearly killed in a car crash. Why me? Why was it always one thing after another in my life? That accident was like a head-on collision with myself and I knew something had to change; I couldn’t keep taking on so much and doing it all alone if I wanted to succeed.

I wasn’t sure what to do next, I needed help. I hired a coach and boy did it feel good to have support!

Most of us are taught to tough it out in every area of our lives, from personal, to business. So, we keep pushing ourselves, doing things the same old way and expecting different results. Well, it's not going to work, I promise you that!

The Here and Now

I learned to harness everything in my background to bring me where I am today. I created a thriving executive coaching business. I built my coaching practice around Vision and a Strategic Plan, which can result in the business success you want and deserve.

If you’re okay with the status quo, then I’m not the right person for you -- but if you are ready to break through barriers that have always stopped you from having the success you desire, join me and schedule a complimentary discovery session. 

Carolyn Dickinson


You must get clear on your vision, your plan, and the action, you’re going to take. We are here to help you achieve that goal – and give you the tools to deal with change and the challenges that come up so you don't get derailed. We partner with you to design the road map for your business or organization's success.

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