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Who is Carolyn Dickinson?

Carolyn Dickinson is a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Global Executive Coach, and Author. 

When a car accident nearly killed Carolyn and her two daughters, she realized this was her "wake up call" to do even more. Her burning desire to help other professionals overcome their challenges and get clear on their vision and goals, led her to create the highly successful executive coaching, training and speaking business she owns today. 

In her highly sought after keynotes, workshops and programs, Carolyn shares her story, insights and expertise in clearing the clutter to make a path for your true vision and roadmap to success.

Carolyn Dickinson
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Is Your Vision Being Translated To Your Team Effectively 

In this keynote Carolyn will show you the impact of having a clear powerful vision, for your business, how to break it down into bite-sized pieces, how to translate to your team in a way that keeps them motivated and drives you to reach your bullseye. It’s your GPS to success.   

Be A Leader That People Want to Follow

In this Keynote Carolyn clearly identifies what leadership is and the benefits of being a leader your team wants to follow that will increase your bottom line and expand your business and growth potential.

Are you Really Listening OR Being Heard?

In this keynote Carolyn will deliver a framework on how to develop a confident and effective team of communicators through her processes of active listening, how we listen, keeping an open mind, and communicating in a way that people want to listen.


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Teresa Syms

Transformational Coach

"Carolyn Dickinson energized and engaged the audience from the moment she began her keynote address. She delivered an impactful, powerful message that was filled with relevant and thought-provoking ideas. Fantastic!"

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