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Who is Carolyn Dickinson?


Carolyn Dickinson is The Founder of CDI Consultanting Speaker, Global Executive Coach, and Author. 

When a car accident nearly killed Carolyn and her two daughters, she realized this was her "wake up call" to do even more. Her burning desire to help other professionals overcome their challenges and get clear on their vision and goals, led her to create the highly successful executive coaching, training and speaking business she owns today. 

In her highly sought after keynotes, workshops and programs, Carolyn shares her story, insights and expertise in clearing the clutter to make a path for your true vision and roadmap to success.

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Is Your Vision Being Translated To Your Team Effectively 


In this keynote Carolyn will show you the impact of having a clear powerful vision, for your business, how to break it down into bite-sized pieces, how to translate to your team in a way that keeps them motivated and drives you to reach your bullseye. It’s your GPS to success.   


Be A Leader That People Want to Follow


In this Keynote Carolyn clearly identifies what leadership is and the benefits of being a leader your team wants to follow that will increase your bottom line and expand your business and growth potential.


Are you Really Listening OR Being Heard?


In this keynote Carolyn will deliver a framework on how to develop a confident and effective team of communicators through her processes of active listening, how we listen, keeping an open mind, and communicating in a way that people want to listen.

What Does A Powerful Team Look Like And How Do You Get There?


In this keynote Carolyn will deliver a framework for working with teams, to create a powerful culture and work environment.    

Coming together is the first step.  Staying together is progress.  Working together is success.


Anything is possible when you have a clear vision. It can ignite a powerful action plan to achieve your ultimate success.

Helping Organizations And Professionals Design Their Roadmap To Business Success!


CDI's Consulting Scope Includes:

Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Speaking, Team Building Collaborations, Workshops & Seminars.



Carolyn will share with your audience the importance of having a powerful vision and the key to engaging others:

  • How the right vision will grow your business, and help you reach your goals faster
  • How clearing sharing your vision with others can double and triple your income
  • Is your vision being translated to your team effectively, if not why
  • Learn to identify if your vision needs to be, bigger for the growth you want
  • The action steps to make sure you hit your bullseye


Carolyn will show your audience how the right leadership can:

  • Increase productivity – the bottom line
  • Develop future leaders and grow your business
  • Retain quality people - Build a strong team
  • Make powerful decisions that make a difference to the business
  • Define your most effective leadership style


Carolyn will show your audience how the right communication framework will:

  • Increasing your closing ratio
  • Provide a Higher level of customer service
  • Retain and have repeat clients
  • Building an effective and confident team
  • Clearly identify how we listen and how it impacts your work environment


Carolyn will show your audience how the right team can:

  • Increase Productivity 
  • Build a strong team - Retain the right people
  • Foster Team Work and Build Strong Relationships

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"Carolyn Dickinson energized and engaged the audience from the moment she began her keynote address. She delivered an impactful, powerful message that was filled with relevant and thought-provoking ideas. Fantastic!"


Melissa Haddad

Hiring Carolyn Dickinson allowed me to scale my business and include 11 team members. I grew my revenue by 66%.

Carolyn helped me build my 3-year vision both professionally and personally and become clear on my purpose. She helped me develop and onboarding processes for my business, which has proven successful to identify my ideal clients and increase my business.

Efficient Business Solutions


Zahra Lavji 

Carolyn has a clear vision. Her talks keep me on track with my business and give me that boost to create my next move.

I enjoy attending Carolyn's. It keeps me on track, and it keeps me focused. Carolyn has tremendously helped me. 

Eyewear On The Go


Phillip Gillen

The skills that I've learned over the last 2 days have been unimaginable. The advances in my current position and the leadership skills I've built upon is next to none.

I highly recommended Carolyn as a Coach. For anyone that needs to focus on their vision. Come find her!

Joey's Yorkdale

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