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Turn your vision into a powerful visual to keep you motivated and driven! 


“Whatever you focus on you attract, think bigger, dream big, and focus on success.”

Carolyn Dickinson

Learn how to create a Success Board that works!

  • A BOARD so powerful that it will provide you with direction and keep you focussed on reaching your goals

  • A LIFE VISON SO POWERFUL that you can’t help but create a more impactful life, successful business, career, relationship, and financial freedom, etc

  • A POWERFUL goal framework which is the key to a successful life or business, however, it is not enough to simply say, “I want to earn 6 figures", or "I want to travel the world."

  • A HIGH IMPACT SUCCESS BOARD that will allow you to visualize your big goals and have an achievable plan, for your big vision and bigger success to come to life!


What if you had a powerful success board that you could look at everyday as your reminder of what you are working towards? Something to keep you focused and excited while on your journey.


What if you had a step by step plan for a success board that could make things happen?

What if you had an exact template that was designed by a graphic artist that you could display anywhere?

What if you had examples of vision boards that were used by highly success individuals in all aspects of their life?


The best way to keep your goals at the top of your mind is have a powerful visual that you can look at every day. It supports you in staying focussed and bringing you closer to your goals.

What you focus on is what will come to life!

Are you ready to make your dreams come to life? Would that excite you? 

I have attended group events creating vision boards in the past. It was fun to socialize and put pictures on a board. I never really understood what I was doing, and I never felt connected to my board. So, I ended up not really getting anything from the process.

That’s why I created my step by step Success Board System that works. 

Learn how to create a Success Board that really works. One that is more than just a bunch of pictures on a board. 

A Success Board that will lead you to have the life, business, relationship, career, financial status, etc. that you desire.

When I was asked to create a vision board system I cringed. After deliberating the pros and cons I decided to say yes BUT, I was going to do it my way.  

I created a system that would also involve doing some prep work, which I walk you through step by step and give you examples of everything.

Just to make sure it all worked I went through the process and did each board myself and for the first time I actually felt connected to a vision board. It made sense, I could really see clearly what I was working toward and what I needed to do to get there.

I created this Success Board System to give you the opportunity to feed your creative side and reach your goals.



"For many years, I've had the intention of creating a Vision board. I've done the research and listened to many people talk about what to do. After listening to Carolyn's webinar about creating a Business Vision Board, I knew I just had to get on with it. She not only walked us through the steps, but she made it super easy by providing prompts, questions, and sample answers to guide us along the way. I loved having sample answers that guided me along and showed me that my answers did not have to sound like it was rocket science! I also liked adding photos of the goals I wanted to achieve. I found the visuals very compelling and gave me the freedom to dream every time I looked up from my desk! Writing out my one-year and two-year goals in a format that was motivating and exciting, allowed me to dream a little about things I didn't think would actually materialize, so you can imagine my delight when two of the three goals I set came true! I believe that the only thing that prevented the third goal from being materialized was travel restrictions due to the pandemic lockdown. I highly recommend your investment in working with Carolyn to fulfill your goals and dreams whether they are business goals or otherwise."

Vivian Singh



Here's what you get: 



step by step system that helps you identify your goals and dreams 


9 different highly targeted Success Boards to build


9 unique examples that have been already created and that work!


Step by step workbook for each unique pillar with tailored examples for each


Exclusive examples of what my success boards look like


Fillable templated for you to get started (downloadable)


On-line templates (via Canva) that you can use to create your Success Board


Lifetime Access (Priceless)



Total Value $709!

  • A step by step system that helps you identify your goals and dreams and ensure they are big enough, powerful enough, and impactful enough to drive you to lead the life you have always wanted ($297)
  • 9 Different highly targeted Success Boards to build ($97)
  • 9 unique examples that have already been created and that work! ($47)
  • Step by step workbook for each unique pillar with tailored examples for each ($27)
  • Exclusive examples of what my success boards look like ($97)
  • Fillable templates for you to get started (downloadable) ($47)
  • On-line templates (via canva) that you can use to create your Success Board ($97)
  • Lifetime Access (Priceless)


Client Success Stories


Fay Chapple

Global Business Strategist, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Master Speaker Trainer

“Want to boost your chance of success? Carolyn has produced a powerful and unique system unlike anything in the marketplace, specifically designed to give you an edge on realizing your goals and dreams in record time! No one has put anything like this together before! The Success Board system is not a nice to have, but a MUST HAVE for anyone that wants to finally get it right and make the year ahead their most SUCCESSFUL year ever in absolutely every aspect of their life. This is gold. The best money you will spend all year!”

Linda Sztanko

Leading Global Networking Expert, Master Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Author

"I’ve always known that vision boards are a powerful tool, but Carolyn has taken it a new level with her Life Success Board Program. With her understanding and expertise in creating your vision, she has allowed me to revisit my life goals with fresh eyes and a new perspective. With each of her ‘Life Success Boards’, I’ve been able to open myself up to new possibilities, bigger dreams and a much bigger vision of what I want “all” the areas of my life to include. It’s an amazing resource that I know I will use over and over again."

Stacy Maynard

Leading Expert in Digital Marketing and all things Tech. Master Trainer, Speaker, Author & Podcast Host

"I love doing vision boards every year. I create them, I look at what I want to accomplish, and I find the visual representation for those to be able to accomplish what I want for the coming years. What I love about these particular boards is that they are on the computer. I love that Carolyn has made them digital. I can create my own with my list of goals, and the visual s that go along with them that make sense for me. Thank you Carolyn for creating these Success Boards, they are amazing!"


This system is great for your kids as well.

My daughters love baking, and they started getting asked to bake for others, so they started a baking business. I sat down with them and helped them create their goals and their own vision board. They thought this was very cool.



If you are the type of person that wants to dig deeper and get organized, then this system can also be used in conjunction with our Big Vision Big Success Program!

This step by step blueprint will show you how to take your knowledge and skills to grow your business, enforce your foundation and your bottom line.