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When you see your business from the perspective of your 'vision' it becomes easier to build and implement a strategic plan, move through challenges and stay focused on your goal.


Everyone has barriers to success, a big part of my success as a coach comes from my ability to see what you can not see, to help you see and overcome these patterns that keep you stuck.


As we uncover and build your vision and remove your barriers we will create a custom sustainable strategic plan that clearly shows you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Carolyn Dickinson is the Game Changer

Working with entrepreneurs and corporations to build their businesses, enhance their communication and create powerful leaders.

Carolyn uses specific systems, processes, and techniques that are proven successful in business and ensures growth.

Carolyn is the real deal, her focus on detail and breaking down the road blocks to create a crystal clear vision and the road map to success.

Even the most successful people need support, need a coach.  Someone to guide them, be a sounding board, that can look at their business without emotion and a different perspective.



The best way to create success and become great is to recognize we can not do it by ourselves.  There is experiences and expertise all around us, having a coach and mentors is what grew my business.

My approach to coaching is to work with the whole person.  Our focus is building a powerful vision that drives your business, your road map to success.  Life is a big part of who you are and how you live day to day.  Business and  life the whole person strategy for your successful, growth, and expansion.


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""Carolyn for me was a game changer. She shifted my thinking and presented insight that I wasn't able to arrive from my own perspective. Her guidance allowed me to move quickly through business challenges and seize opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise identified. She's a true leader!""

Mary Morassutti
President, H.U.B Inc.
Heighten Your Business Inc

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