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5 Tips to Master Communication Skills

communication leadership Jul 06, 2021

Communication and leadership work hand in hand.  

If leadership is the art of influence, your communication is what ignites it.

The people who I consider to be Great Leaders have an incredible ability to communicate in a way that what they say lands powerfully on those that are listening. 

Below are 5 tips that I consider vital to mastering your communication skills.

5 Tips to Master Communication Skills 


1. Continuous Communication:
Take the time to talk to your people, hear what they have to say. Communicate information, thoughts, and ideas clearly across all communication channels. Create open lines of communication and help smooth the path of communication for your team an organization.

2. Keep it Simple and Be Direct:
Be authentic, find your own voice, share what you value and how you work. Clearly layout how you work and what you expect. Be authentic. Leave out the jargon, keep it simple and be direct. Direct communication is key, and it lets your team know where you stand without question.

3. Active Listening:
Really listen and encourage input from your team members before you provide your take on a situation or challenge. Show that you are interested and be respectful to whomever is speaking. Your team and colleagues feeling heard will help create the emotional bond that is key to being an effective leader.

4. Share Your Stories:
Sharing your stories and experiences as a leader builds trust and respect with your team. Sharing a story and being able to clearly connect it to the discussion at hand shows your experience, knowledge, and lessons in a powerful way. It also helps bring life to the vision you have for your business, organization, and team.

5. Do What You Say You Are Going to Do:
Growing up my father would always say. “Practice what you preach.” I understood what it meant but it wasn’t until I became a leader that I truly understood the real meaning.

Communication is not just about words; it is also about the actions you take. Skilled leaders know that words are followed by your actions. Follow your own rules, if you say you are going to do something then do it. If say something should be done a certain way, then make sure you follow your own rules. If you don’t, your creditability will be shot, and your trust lost.

Effective communication is important as a Leader and in all areas of our lives.  Remember that being an effective communicator is not just about your words it is also about your actions, your attitude and how you make people feel.