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Can you have work life balance, work hard and be successful? YES!

Aug 09, 2018

I believe in working hard. I have been working since I was 15 years old.   I have always given whatever I choose to do 200 %. Found ways to make it better or do it faster.   I have always given my all to everyone expect myself.   When you are on your own it is easier to live that kind of life.   But is it the way we should live life?    

I have heard and read we need to follow those before us that wake up at 5am before everyone else to get work done and the last to stop, finish or leave.   Yes, this may or may not bring success, but it will definitely take a toll on your life, your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being.   I hear that we need to make sacrifices, which I agree with to a certain point.   But should those sacrifices cause you your health, your spouse, your family?   Okay so we may miss a few events, or not be home very night this too is a sacrifice.   I have watched so many entrepreneurs who have sacrificed everything for the sake of their business and have produced many amazing products/services, so thank you.

But as what cost?  

At the end of the day we are all human beings and need to be connect to others.   I have colleagues who have made lots of money and can do what they want when they want but have lost their family and those that are with them now would probably disappear if the money did.

I also believe in balance.   Stay with me here. I know many entrepreneurs do not believe in balance, it is not possible it does not exist.   What if it did and it was unique for each person?   What if balance was a revolving door that just keeps moving, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly? What if balance was something we created daily? Some days we work more and are with family less, other days we are with family and work less.  

If you were happy and living the life you really wanted your business would grow and be successful.

Let’s exam this a little bit further.   If getting up at 4am or 5am works for you to get your day started great than do it.   But what if it does not work for you, does that mean you will not succeed because that is what we are being told we need to do.   Sleeping in those two extra hours in the morning may make you a 100% more productive. Maybe you staying up later to write works better for you.  

I have met people that they can work for 3 hours straight and get more work done than the average person can do in 8hours.   So who is right and who is wrong.

What if there was no right or wrong way on how you get your work done? You need to design your day in a way that works for you and your business, that allows you to complete your work and move your business forward.

There are 5 things that I would say are a must to be successful in business:

  1. Clarity – Be clear on what your business is, where you want to take it, who your target market is and what makes them buy your service or product. Having a strong VISION for your business will lead to big success.
  2. Expertise – What is your expertise and where are you best positioned to grow your business – do what you are good at and hire other people to do the rest? Know what your Super Power is and capitalize on it.
  3. Plan of Action – In my years of coaching I have heard, “we have been throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. This may work for a short period of time, but it does not have longevity.   A sustainable strategic plan keeps you on track and guides you to reach your goals.
  4. Team – hire people who are experts at what they do and retain the same core values you have for your company and its growth (You cannot do it all) You want to hire people that are rolling in the same direction as you and the company are.   Keep in mind that team does not need to be people that work for your full-time.   A team can also be built with part-time people who work virtually, contractors, etc.
  5. Communication – Communication is a key component in life and in business.   It is important to communicate with your team on where the business is going and what part they play in making it all happen.   It is also important to communicate with your family, so they know what you are working for and how they can help.   Family should never take a back seat while you build your business.

Being a business owner is not easy but is does not need to be as hard as we make it out to be.   One of my biggest lessons in life has been asking for help, finding the right people, the right team and communicating with my family. 

Carolyn Dickinson
International Executive Coach
Carolyn Dickinson Success Coaching