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Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

mindset Jul 14, 2020

Change your mindset change your life. A simple statement to make, but not so easy to do. 

What would life be like if you focussed on “I Can and I Will” instead of I can’t, and I won’t.

So, what’s holding us back?

First, we need to understand where do are limiting beliefs come from.

Your habits of mind are formed by previous experience.

How you think, and your views have been created since you were very young? Yep, your mindset started developing when you were just a kid.

Our mindset is created from our culture, home life, family, friends and what we see around us.  

Why is this so important to know, well because 95% of our thoughts are unconscious and our mindset is driven by our unconscious thoughts.   

Your mindset dictates your path and your success. We have all had experiences both positive and negative in our lives. It is how we have chosen to interpret those experiences that will develop the mindset we have.

What would it be like if you could shift your unconscious to focus on “Can you imagine, I can, and I will!” What a different life you would have.

 There are two key things I think you should know about your mindset:

  • Awareness of your mindset and where it comes from allows for growth and change.
  • We all self-sabotage in some way or form, identify what yours is and shift it.

Your mindset controls everything you do and how you do it. It affects, your thoughts, reactions, trust, openness, beliefs, and so much more.

This may not happen overnight, but you need to get started.

If your mindset is powerful, and positive then you are likely reaching your financial goals and have powerful relationships that are growing. You have the success you want.  

If you’re not there yet but want to be, then the first place you should look is at your mindset and how it is affecting everything you do.

Second, here is how you can start this process:

Ask yourself:

  • When someone says something you do not like, what is the first thing that pops into your head?
  • When you receive and email that upsets you, ask yourself why am I actually upset? (Are you upset because you think they are questioning you, insulting you, and so on.)    

Note: make sure to never responds to an email that causes a reaction in you. Wait until you calm down and take another look at it. Also consider what might be going on for the other person. I personally like to call the person and have a conversation verse responding by email.

  • What if they are just upset and they are letting you know in the only way they know how?

Did you take the time to answer truthfully?

A set mindset thinks things will not change they are the way they are.

A growth mindset is thinking of ways to make it work, to adjust, to find a way. 

Your mindset controls how you act and what you react to. It comes down to keeping your limiting beliefs or developing empowering beliefs.


The 3 things you can do on a daily basis to change your mindset include:

  • Focus on your long-term vision
  • Make personal development a priority (Find someone who is doing well and has a positive mindset and make changes to what you do. Read, Ted Talks are great too, etc.)
  • Retrain your brain to see change as positive and be open to listen to the perspective of others.