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How to Ask For The Sale When Everyone is Struggling with Fay Chapple

business interview May 15, 2020

I spoke with  Fay Chapple, Award Winning Business Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Podcaster, Brand Expert, Digital Marketer, Educator and Creator.

Things have definitely changed in how we do business and where. We have had to make a lot of adjustments including on how we sell. My guest Fay Chapple is an expert in selling and marketing.

We will be chatting about what you can do to continue to grow your business, stay connected with your customers and sell when everything is unstable. Bringing clarity to your direction and next steps.


As promised here is a link to a free webinar/master class to support in taking a look at what is possible for yourself and business. https://www.carolyndickinson.com/bvbs-masterclass-webinar


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