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Small Donations and Gifts Can Make a Huge Impact

Dec 12, 2018

Many people think they cannot make a difference.  They might not have the money or the contacts to really create an impact that will really matter.  Well I am here to tell you that every little bit helps and small donations can make a huge difference in someone’s life. 

I was chatting with an amazing lady by the name of Teresa Kruze and how we might be able to work together.  Before I have a call with anyone I do my homework and look up who they are what they do and the kinds of organizations they are affiliated with.  I came across a blog she wrote and I asked her if I could share it with you.  Teresa shared a personal experience she had and the impact of how a small donation can make a big difference.


“I had one of those “moments” last night that I’d really like to share with you.  I belong to a women’s book club where we meet monthly to discuss our current book. We usually end up talking about life as well during these meetings and I find them really stimulating and fun.  We take turns hosting and last night we went to my neighbor’s house.  Her husband’s parents live with them and are not well so they bring in a number of health workers to help them with their daily care. Dunio is one of the workers, and over the past few months we’ve gotten to know her well.  Originally from Somalia, Dunio moved to Canada many years ago and is raising her family away from the war torn country.  A few months ago she returned to the land of her birth to visit family who had remained behind. If you watch the news you know that it’s not a good situation. Dunio told us how she checked into her first hotel in Somalia only to have a mass shooting of 72 school aged children killed right next door. She moved to another hotel and this time a bomb went off nearby shattering the glass and rattling her nerves. She stuck it out however and went into hiding wearing a full body burka and veil so she would fit in. 

During her stay she met two young men aged 19 and 18 who worked at the hotel.  As she began to talk to them she learned that their parents had been killed and they lived on the roof of the hotel because they had no where to go.  Between the two of them they earned $200 dollars a month which they would send to a small village where their three younger sisters were hiding. The $200 dollars a month is all these five children have between them and death because they were able to pay to feed them and keep them away from the ruling men of Somalia who feel they must take many wives. Two of their sisters are 9 and 11 years old and they are especially prized as “young wives”.  The two young men told Dunio that it was their dream to go to school one day but because their parents had been killed they had no hope now.  Dunio stepped in and is now sending the two boys $50 dollars a month so they can go to electrical engineering school.

Is Dunio wealthy? No way – she is now working seven days a week to feed her family in Canada and look after the two boys in Somalia.  As she stood in the living room of my friend’s beautiful house I suddenly felt incredibly sad and somewhat – embarrassed.  We have SO much in Canada and we take SO much for granted.  We have health care, good food, great jobs and are able to take vacations.  We have a government that tries to look after the homeless and less fortunate.  It’s not always perfect but at least there’s something being done. I find I often pull a bag over my head when hearing about the awful situations around the world.  I tell myself, “I’m safe. I’m happy.” It’s so wrong.

I interviewed a recent immigrant who told me, “Canada is a gold mine of opportunity.”  It’s time we all realized the incredible gift we have living in this country of freedom.  Use this website to be inspired to follow your dreams.  Dust off those old ideas that you had and forge ahead to make an exciting new life and career for yourself.  The stories on this website are incredible and so inspiring.  If they can do it – so can you. Then once you’re done look around and find some people to help and inspire.  Give back with a pure heart.  Goodness will flow into your life and you’ll feel good that you made a difference in someone’s life.

I’ve taken the bag off my head and decided it’s time I stepped forward.  I’m going to open my heart and my pocketbook and help Dunio help a small family far away in Somalia. As she handed the boys the money and told them there was more to come their eyes filled with tears.  “Miss Dunio,” they said, “today you are not just helping one person – you are helping a family of five.”  Dunio is making an impact.  In some small way – I’m going to as well.

Talk to you soon.  There are lots of exciting times ahead for you, for me AND a better future for a young, brave family living in Somalia.”


Carolyn Dickinson

International Executive Coach

Speaker & Author