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What Does Success Look Like to You?

success Jan 19, 2021
What Does Success Look Like to You?

We all have different ideas about success, what it looks like and what it means to us. There is no right answer just what it means to you. As you move through life it may change, and that is perfectly normal. Life experiences tend to change how we see things and what we value.

So, how do you figure out what success is for you?

The number one reason people don’t succeed is they don’t take the time to figure out what they want. When will you become successful? What has to happen, what do you need to accomplish?

The meaning of success is different for everyone. What does success look like to you, what does it feel like to you? If you don't know, confusion will set in. Everyone has their own definition of success and you can’t just jump on the band wagon of what someone else thinks; you need to be clear on what it means for you.

You get to decide what your blueprint for success will look like, on your own terms.

3 Steps to Clarify What Success Means to You

Step 1: Define what success means to you.

Why is it important to you? Looking over the shoulders of others and taking on their version of success will mean nothing to you.

How is your success defined, through money, possessions, career achievements, health and wellness, family, …

How will your life be different when you reach your success?

Step 2: Identify what you want to build/create for your life.

What will allow you to reach that feeling of success? What are your goals? What will drive you to reach your goals? What will keep you focussed to hit your bullseye? Is it profit, personal, spiritual, possessions, or is it a combination?

Step 3: START.

Getting started on creating your vision. A vision that will support you reaching the kind of success you want to achieve and how you will help yourself and others on the journey.

The important thing to remember is that success is not a destination it is a journey. Your experiences and growth will determine your success and along the way, things will probably change and so will your definition of success. We all find the meaning of success at different times in our lives - the journey is the fun part.