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What is the biggest mistake people make at the end of the year?

business Nov 04, 2019

Are you one of those people that slow things down because we are close to the holidays? If you are, how do you feel in January? Are you fighting to find business, feeling frustrated, stressed about bills? I used to be one of those people and I hated January, it was a new start but I sometimes felt like I was starting over.

What if you did not slow down? What if you continued to give value, connect with people, create collaborations with complimentary business owners, and went out of your way to meet new people and understand what their challenges are? Now, I am not saying don’t take a vacation and enjoy time with your family. Business owners that keep business on a high level during Nov and Dec have amazing January’s.

Karen is in the investment and insurance sector. She is all about giving value to her clients, go above and beyond to connect them with the right people to support them in the challenges they may be having. She had been building her business for 5 years and by following this philosophy every year she has a great January and in her 5th year she had met her target of $2 Million by the end of February.   

Building your business is a process. It rarely if ever, becomes a success over night. What I know for sure is, there is a process to everything we do. If we jump too many of the steps we will trip and fall. There are always exceptions but mostly sticking to the rule is the way to go.

Rule, there is never a slow time in business just a building time. What you might call a slow time, I call time to connect with new people, find new business opportunities, new collaborations, review your goals, look at making improvements, asking your clients what is missing for them, just to name a few things. Now imagine if you had systems and processes in place that help you keep building your business all the time.

Last week, I spoke with Sarah, a very smart business woman. She was going through a bit of a slow time and was worried about the next couple of months. We discussed some of these ideas listed below and within a couple of weeks of our conversation, she received work for the next couple of months and a year contract for 2020. Anything is possible with the right action steps.

Always be looking for new business:

  1. Connect with new people
  2. Add value to existing clients
  3. New business collaborations
  4. Review your goals
  5. Set new ones for the next year
  6. Look at what improvements are needed for your business
  7. Look at what New systems and processes are needed to create an easier flow in the work environment
  8. Provide value through blogs, posts, offers, and articles. (What information is your clients looking for?) Become the source for information to your target market
  9. Schedule time to work on your business
  10. Make a list of people you need to follow up with and those you have not followed up with enough. (Things change for people and now a days the stats say you need to follow up with people 5-11 times to get a yes.)

To Your Success,

Carolyn Dickinson
International Executive Coach, Speaker, Trainer