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Business Growth Strategies During COVID-19 with Claudia Harvey

business interview May 07, 2020

Business Growth Strategies During COVID-19 with Claudia Harvey

I spoke with Claudia Harvey - Global Entrepreneur & Investor | Speaker & Influencer | Best-Selling Author | Philanthropist | Proud Mom of 3

Post her successful corporate career, Claudia Harvey began Dig It Apparel® Inc. and struck a deal with famous venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary. While raising a family of 3, Claudia co-founded BG Wealth Group Inc., BG Property Holdings Inc., and BG Marketing Authority, and became an international keynote speaker and best-selling author. Claudia was awarded the 2019 Top Female Business Leader Award from The International Association of Top Professionals. In 2019 she joined Oprah Winfrey and other outstanding influencers as a contributing author of America’s Leading Ladies. Philanthropy is paramount to her, and she sits on the Boards of Sonas.org and the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

In this interview, Claudia shared with us strategies she has implemented during COVID-19 and how she has approached moving forward.

As promised here is the link to the Mother's Day Specials www.digitapparel.com and  www.digitapparel.ca

Claudia has also offered us a Gift. Her E-Book "The 5 Strategies That Lead to an Unstoppable Live"  https://claudiaharvey.com/5-strategies-ebook/ 

Thank you Claudia


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