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Embracing Change and Resilience in Business and Life

May 23, 2024
Embracing Change and Resilience in Business and Life

in both business and life, unexpected events - both positive and negative - are inevitable. They are an integral part of the journey and essential for growth. 

It's like a roller coaster ride at a theme park. Ups, downs, curves, and full speed ahead.

Believing in yourself and the steps you choose to take is crucial for navigating these ups and downs. 

What do I mean by this?

I never thought I would share this story, but many people have recently confided in me about their money struggles and doubts. They wonder if they will succeed in their endeavors. To offer some perspective, I want to share two stories with you. 

There were times in my life, likely more than once, when I questioned my success in business. Should I persevere or find a traditional job? My income fluctuated drastically—from earning $30,000 a year to six figures the next year, then back down to $40,000 a couple of years later.

I could give you many “reasons” (excuses) for these fluctuations, but instead, I want to focus on how your mindset can impact your financial health and why changing your perception of life is necessary.

My Story

I remember sitting in an audience with a thriving business, listening to a speaker share her story about a challenging time in her life. She was struggling in her business and it got to a point that she didn’t know how she would pay her bills or feed her family.

I thought, "How could you let that happen?" How pompous of me right?

There came a point when I understood more than I wanted to.  I went through a period where I needed to shift my business offering and marketing to better serve my clients. Attempting to do it all myself led to lost clients and dwindling cash flow, to the point where I worried if I would be able to buy groceries.

You might be thinking “This will never happen to me, I have family and friends that will help me." However, your family and friends might not always be in a position to help, or they might not be willing to.

This experience was a huge eye-opener. As a controlling and independent person, asking for help was not an option. Investments are not always accessible, depending on their nature and time commitments. Being "wealthy on paper" doesn't guarantee cash flow.  When it came time to ask for help I was amazed and grateful for who showed up for me.

This humbling experience changed my mindset about money, cash flow, asking for help, learning from mistakes, including the importance of change, and growth.

Key Take Aways:

  • Love What You Do: If you don’t love it, don't do it.
  • Build a Strong Team: Surround yourself with capable people you can trust
  • Ask for Help: Seek assistance from the right people.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Find lessons in your errors.
  • Stay Open-Minded: Be receptive to new ideas.
  • Recognize Vulnerability: Understand that you can lose everything.

The "I Am The Boss" Conference Speaker

I am the founder and organizer of the “I Am The Boss” conference which ran for five years, bringing women to the stage who turned hobbies into multi-million dollar businesses to share their stories. I asked my speakers to share their real challenges, not just their successes. At my third conference, Judy, one of the speakers, shared an unrevealed story about her business.

Judy’s business was thriving until it wasn’t. She felt responsible for everything. Despite having a supportive team, she believed all solutions had to come from her. Facing bankruptcy, she followed a friend’s advice and sought her team’s help. This shifted her mindset and transformed her business, which bounced back to being a multi-million-dollar company. Judy realized that trying to do everything alone stifles growth and expansion. She also realized that her team could see things she was not seeing because of the positions they held within the company.

I've seen multi-millionaires fall to bankruptcy, including friends and family. 

None of us are bulletproof!