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How I finally realized I was already a coach!

business success Jul 07, 2020

In high school I was the “go to person” for advice.  I don’t really remember how that happened, but it did. 

I've always had the desire to help others through their challenges.    

In high school, college, university and in the workplace, friends would come to me for advice.   

When I started my own business in the direct marketing industry the trend continued, I was still the go to person, the coach, the one to support others, especially women on how to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. I worked with them to set up systems, structures, sales strategies and scripts to build their business.   

It was helping them to build a foundation for their business so they can build it up and eventually fire their boss. Allowing them to work from home so they could spend more time with their children.

In the midst of all of this one of my colleagues said, “Carolyn, you know you should charge people for this you're really good at listening to what people have to say and then helping them find a solution and setting things up powerfully. This is definitely something you should do professionally". 

I was a bit taken back as I had never looked at what I was doing as a business. 

I started to replay those words in my head, “you should charge for this.”  I realized I have been doing this for most of my life. I went to school for Psychology, Early Childhood education, Mediation, and then took courses in speaking, training, and so much. So, I knew I was ready.

That one conversation was the start of my focused business journey. I developed several companies that allowed me to provide that kind of thought process and service to others.  

I founded SuperMom Entrepreneur, an online portal which grew and evolved into a conference called I Am The Boss. My objective was to support women in changing their thought process around what was possible for them in business and in life.  

What better way to do this than to have other women like myself share their stories with them. I brought in business owners who started their business from home with minimal funding and turned them into multimillion dollar companies.  

For so many women who left their corporate lives to stay home with their children for years going back was very daunting. They felt like they had fallen behind. 

So many of them felt they would need to go back to school to renter the workplace.  Yes, it seems crazy, but it was common.  

The funny thing was with the advent of the Internet they only needed to research the new trends and advancements in their industry to get caught up.   

I realized that I needed to offer more than just a Conference. It was great to share possibility and what other women had done but then what. They needed the support to reach their goals and that's when I launched my coaching business.    

Opportunity is everywhere.

When you're in the middle of our own situation it’s difficult to see the opportunity right in front of you, as in my situation. Now that’s my job, providing a sight line to see the bigger picture and remove your blocks to open you up to your full potential. I work with you to build a powerful vision, and plan to bring your dream to life. 

This is my dream business.

6 years ago, I put that proverbial shingle on my door Business Coach. Years of experience in corporate, as an entrepreneur, courses and training brought things to life which provided me with the skills and knowledge to help others build their dreams.  

I'm continuously learning, educating myself, growing, mastering my field to support my clients in being able to do the same.  

There are only 3 things that stand in people's way;

  • Themselves
  • Lack of knowledge or knowing where to get that knowledge
  • And not having the right support system in place 

For many people in the middle of building their business, maybe like yourself, they lose sight of what's possible and get caught up in the day to day work. Then there are the nay sayers that tell you what you want to do can’t be done.

I had so many people tell me that I wouldn't be a good speaker, I wouldn't be good at coaching, it is too hard to be an entrepreneur, I will never succeed at it, I should find something easier to do.

Guess what, I got rid of those people. I have a successful coaching business and speaking career. I have clients that have been with me for years, and I am continuing to grow and expand.

In my opinion the key to being successful is: 

  • Loving what you do
  • Being humble and realizing not everyone is your target market
  • Being able to choose who you want to work with
  • Getting paid what you are worth by giving true value
  • Always be learning

Becoming a coach was a gift that I get to enjoy every day.  

This has been my journey to becoming a coach and focussing a hundred percent of all of my efforts in helping others, building it up and expanding. 

If you would like to get some perspective and see what’s possible for you, sign up for a 30 Minute Complimentary Strategy Session. No purchase required.