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Setting Yourself Up For Success

success systems Jul 21, 2020

When I first started my business, I had no idea what strategies or systems I was going to need to get things moving. 

I remember trying many free sessions and still not sure what to choose. There is no perfect way to do anything, but there are foundations that are needed.  

Looking for the perfect solution takes a lot of time and money, and while there is no perfect system, there are many great ones out there and many being added to market regularly.

Start with understanding what you want to build. This will help you in identifying the right strategies, systems and service you need to implement to reach your goals.

As we know there are always struggles that arise when building your business and having the right strategies and systems in place will allow you to move through them with ease.  

Let’s take a look at the types of strategies, and systems you need to implement to make building your business more sustainable and profitable.

Top 5 Strategies You Want To Have In Place:

  1. A Strong Vision – Your vision laid out in detail of what you want to accomplish at the end of the timeline you have set. (2, 3, 5, …. Year Vision)

  2. A Strategic Plan – A detailed plan that identifies your daily, weekly, and monthly action steps.

  3. Sales & Marketing Strategy – Understanding who you are selling to and what they need to hear to understand the value your service or product will provide them. (Groovefunnels, Canva, etc.)

  4. What Support You Will Need (Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeper, Graphic Designer, etc.)

  5. A Follow Through Process (90 Day Plan)


What you will need will vary depending on your business. 

Let’s take a look at what a coach would need to set up a solid foundation to grow their business.

Top 7 Systems You Will Need To Get Started Are:

  1. Virtual Platform to communicate with your clients and a good laptop. (OnPoint, Zoom, etc.)

  2. CRM – Customer Relations Management Tool. (OnPoint, Insightly, Hubspot, Trello)

  3. Scheduling (OnPoint, Schedule Once, etc.)

  4. Payment Processor (Stripe, Square, PayPal, etc.)

  5. Accounting System – it is very important to track your income and expenses, so you have an understanding of where your business is financial and what you need to do for growth. (Quickbooks, etc.)

  6. Content Marketing and Graphics (Canva – it’s free)

  7. Website (OnPoint, Kajabi)

The strategies and systems support you in staying on track and making it all happen, all you need to do is plan what you need.

Lesson Learned:

You may look at the above lists and worry about what it will cost you. I will tell you from experience, it will cost you more time and money to wait and implement them later. 

Running your own business requires learning and having the right strategies and systems in place will support you to stay focused and on track.

What are my go to systems for my business right now? The ones I can’t live without.

If I had to start all over again, I would invest in:

  • Kajabi – I tried many different types of web systems my favourite has been Kajabi. It has everything I need plus more. They are continually growing and developing new add on’s.

  • OnPoint – I went from using multiple systems to one. They have a virtual boardroom, and each client can have their own boardroom where you can also keep private notes (CRM). It has everything zoom has plus so much more. Create multiple types of appointments for your clients. It also provides you with a website page that is set up for you.  

  • Canva – Design anything in minutes. It’s free and you can create marketing material, graphic designs for social media, branding and so much more.

  • Trello – this is a great organizational system that you can use for free to start and as you grow add on other services.

  • Square and PayPal – for payments