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What is your next move?

business vision Sep 01, 2020

Life has been one roller coaster ride after another since March of this year for everyone. 

We are making changes, pivoting our life, business, career, and making decisions about school for our kids.

  • Lots of change and lots of uncertainty.
  • Shifting how we do day to day life and business.
  • Becoming really flexible and being able to make things work.

We are learning to get comfortable with change.

Today I was on a call with my own coach, and I’m watching my girls in the pool outside at the same time

I see my girls from the corner of my eye in the backyard with the blender in hand to make what I assume are slushies. They took it outside so as not to disturb me. Very thoughtful but also somewhat worrisome. When I am coaching I am focussed on my clients, but I still have an ear listening to what my girls are up to.

As a business owner, I have had to change directions and pivot my business approach a few times already this year. 

Business, clients, life, kids, and me time to stay sane. I know what you’re thinking, what is ‘me time’! Such a different concept since before March.  

Realizing that all of these changes will also affect my timelines to reach my big goals, my golden nuggets. 

So, I looked at reengineering a few of my nuggets so I could successfully achieve parts of them and make things happen right now.


Step 1 

I revisited my vision and looked for ways to reach my goals with a different approach. Which ones were most important? What can be worked on now that will help others find their direction and bring in some income to support my family. 

Here is a great example that happened for me.

One of my Golden Nuggets is to create an on-line school and support other coaches and consultants to learn how to bring their amazing skills to the surface so they can provide their clients with the best coaching experience possible. During COVID19 an opportunity was presented to me to make parts of this Golden nugget come to life this year. The solution was OnPoint Mentors.

An online platform that brings people and purpose together with powerful resources, business guidance, life guidance and connections that empower them to thrive and make a difference in the world.

Their global initiative provides thought leaders with the professional support and business expertise to build and grow successful companies, organizations and inspired lives. Their dynamic online community of experts, mentors and coaches is a virtual think tank, buzzing with creativity and brilliance.  

This was my answer to shift and continue to make my vision come to life.

Their Creators also included in this platform a section for certification courses. 

This was great news for me.


Step 2:  The Plan

This is where you want to lay out your strategy. I set up a mini plan and the action steps I would need to take to make it all happen.

I will continue with the example above to keep it simple. 

1. I made a list of the certification courses I wanted to create and selected my top 3 in order of priority.

2. Made a list of the things I needed to do to make it all happen. I already had a program created so I went with that one first. Create the training content that matched the modules in my course.

  • Create slides to match the content
  • Have my creative design team member create the slides
  • Record the slides
  • Create the exam for the course
  • Put it all together and get it approved to be launched on the site

3. Scheduled time in my calendar to work on each part of the process. I blocked off between 1-3 hours per day to work on the content. Starting with a brain dump, several revisions and dividing it into the slides.

4. Once the slides were done, scheduled quiet time for recording the slides. I personally scheduled 2 half days to get them done. If you are busy, do 1 recording per day, a full day or a couple half days set aside to get it done; whatever works for you.

5. Create the exam questions.

6. Once they were recorded and the exam was done, I put them in the google drive so my support person could get everything set up and upload it to the site. 

By going through this process an idea came to me and I created another program. 

We have all experienced being frazzled and overwhelmed since March, and when you are in the middle of what seems like chaos it can be difficult to make the adjustments needed. 

I worked on creating a fun way to look at all aspects of your life and create a wall of Golden Nuggets so you can still reach your bullseye. It is a simple system that you can use for yourself and with your kids and have fun while you do it.  

Your Life Success Board - Coming Soon!