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Managing Constant Change is the New Normal. Here’s How I Do It!

 wrote a special newsletter for you today to share my top four strategies to manage change. It couldn’t come at a better time, right?

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have been reprioritizing daily and there is much more ahead, managing kids, school, my business and how to keep my kids safe, physically and emotionally. Can you relate?

It feels like I am moving forward, then pause, reprioritize, start again, and repeat several times a day.

This is a time where we will have to decide where our real priorities are! Work is important but so are our children, as I am sure you will agree.

Constant change is the new normal. Being able to adapt and be flexible with changes occurring daily; when school will begin, when actual classes will start, what links to use, and who will be doing what. I have to tell you I am a bit overwhelmed and concerned. Just yesterday for those children who are virtual learning we were supposed to get on-line so our kids can listen to videos and...

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Chaos to Possibility

Lots is happening in the world today and it is affecting all of us. I truly believe there is possibility everywhere.   

There are probably many things you have wanted to do and have said you don't have time for, this is the perfect time to pull out that list or create one.

So let's focus on what we can do:

Education - Read the books you have been collecting but have not had time to read.  Go through that program you bought but never had time to complete. There are also so many deals out there right now figure out one thing you would like to improve upon and get that one course.

Organization - office, closets, storage area, files, pictures, etc.

Exercise Routine - walk, hike, Beach Body - (14 days for free to try it out)   

Write a Book - I am sure many of you have been thinking about writing a book but running your business has kept you busy use some of your available time to get it started.

Create an Online Program – I...

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The one thing that can really kill your business! Not having an end goal - your vision!

Why is a powerful Vision so important for your business?

2020 Nugget – Your Vision


Your vision is your:

The Protein shake in the morning

The cup of coffee that starts your day right

The work out session that leaves you feeling exhilarated

The wake-up call that shakes your world like an earthquake

It is your power source that keeps you excited and drives you to the finish line.

If you don't feel like this, YOUR VISION is not big enough or it is not the right one for YOU.

Think of your vision like a GSP. We use our GPS to get to a location. Your Vision is very similar. You would decide where you want to go and enter it into your GPS to direct you on how to get there. Your GSP will also redirect your when there is an accident or traffic and then bring back to your path to get you to your destination.

Your Vision is your GSP for your business. Your vision is where you want to take your business, where you want to go.  Without your vision you can not create a...

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