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Chaos to Possibility

Lots is happening in the world today and it is affecting all of us. I truly believe there is possibility everywhere.   

There are probably many things you have wanted to do and have said you don't have time for, this is the perfect time to pull out that list or create one.

So let's focus on what we can do:

Education - Read the books you have been collecting but have not had time to read.  Go through that program you bought but never had time to complete. There are also so many deals out there right now figure out one thing you would like to improve upon and get that one course.

Organization - office, closets, storage area, files, pictures, etc.

Exercise Routine - walk, hike, Beach Body - (14 days for free to try it out)   

Write a Book - I am sure many of you have been thinking about writing a book but running your business has kept you busy use some of your available time to get it started.

Create an Online Program – I...

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5 Reasons Why Vision Is Important In Leadership

This is a great article that describes the power of having a vision in the simplest of terms, and points out that the most successful people on the plant had a vision.  The pitfalls in life are just a part of the process, especially when you have a strong vision that keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Like many of the people listed in this article, they were all discourage from doing what they envisioned was possible and are the best in their industry today.

It is a short but powerful read.  Enjoy.

To Your Success,


5 Reason Why Vision is Important in Leadership

By: Chantal Bechervaise

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”                                                                ~ Carl Jung


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