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3 Steps to Reconnect With Your Purpose

The Importance of Your Purpose to Your Business

Have you ever been in the audience in a seminar and the speaker says what is your WHY? 

I have been in that audience so many times and I never really understood what they meant by what is your why. 

I want a million dollars, more vacations, bigger home, etc. We realized everyone had the same things on their list, and the speaker would say, “that’s not it, dig deeper”. What did that actually mean, dig deeper?

I later realized that all of those things were the benefits of your why or what I call your purpose.  

It’s the part of your business that was your starting point. Something that was missing from your life or in the market that you needed or wanted and could not find it. A product, a service. So, you decided to create it or make it better. It’s the part of your dream that kick-started everything. 

It states what the purpose of your company is and what service or product you...

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