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How to Have a Powerful Discovery Call!

Before I dive in let me describe a discovery call for you, so we are on the same page.

A discovery session is the opportunity to get to know your client, to listen to what they have to say. It will tell you what their challenges are and insight into what their goals are. It is also the opportunity to identify if you are a good fit to work together. 

Have you ever had a discovery call? Have you ever had a powerful discovery call with someone where you felt heard and understood where you realized that what you want might actually be a possibility?

How would you like to be able to do the same for your clients? You will not only be able to move them forward but discovery sessions that will also increase your closing ratio.

A Discovery Session will provide you with the following information:

  • Your potential client’s current challenges
  • What they have tried, what has worked and what has not worked
  • Their goals and what they want to create or expand
  • What they want to see happen...
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Develop Sales Funnels with Ease

When I first heard about sales funnels, I had no idea what people were talking about.   I come from a time where we picked up the phone and called people.  

Sales funnels are like a puzzle, each piece leads into completing a bigger picture and each connection leads into a potential sale.  

In our Sales newsletter last week, we talked about building trust. People need to see what you have to offer before they are willing to invest in your services and programs.

Never be afraid to give something away for free that provides massive value.  

You want people to see what you do, the expertise you offer, and what problems you will solve for them. 

This is also how you will build trust with potential clients. It is important to let them experience what it would be like to work with you.

A sales funnel is the road map on how to connect with potential clients and how to share new offerings with existing clients. 

You are giving them a...

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How to Enjoy Sales!

Sales can be a dirty word for some people, either they love sales or they hate sales.  

I hated sales; I use to think that to be a good salesperson I had to force people to do something they might not want to do. 

I discovered that my job as a salesperson is really to become an information ambassador. This means that you provide all the information needed for your potential client to make a powerful decision for themselves. That’s when my thoughts about sales shifted.

The first step is to become a really good listener to understand what your client wants or really needs. Clients may think they have one problem and after speaking with them you realize it is a completely different problem. 

You see, if you just assume and don’t ask questions you could be selling your clients something that is the wrong solution and they will lose trust in you.  

The second step is once you get to the root of the problem, now you can recommend a...

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