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4 Great Ways to Overcome Your Biggest Business Obstacles

The day you decided to become a business owner is the day you took charge of what you live and love to do.

Like in life, in business there are ups, downs and unexplored territories. Growth and learning are an ongoing journey that never ends, but it’s exciting.

To have a business you started from the ground up and be able to see it grow and flourish is incredible.

And sometimes you get stuck, you can’t seem to:

  • get to a project that needs to happen
  • expand your team
  • expand your offering
  • identify why an issue keeps arising
  • figure out why your bottom line is not growing 

We all need support, and you are no different. 

Here are 2 ways to move you forward:

  • This a great article on – 4 Ways to Overcome Your Biggest Business Obstacles. Quick read and worth your time.
  • A VIP Day with a Coach that will help you work through your obstacle and create a step by step plan to move you forward in 1 Day.

To learn more about a VIP Day and how I can get you where you want to...

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What Does Success Look Like to You?

We all have different ideas about success, what it looks like and what it means to us. There is no right answer just what it means to you. As you move through life it may change, and that is perfectly normal. Life experiences tend to change how we see things and what we value.

So, how do you figure out what success is for you?

The number one reason people don’t succeed is they don’t take the time to figure out what they want. When will you become successful? What has to happen, what do you need to accomplish?

The meaning of success is different for everyone. What does success look like to you, what does it feel like to you? If you don't know, confusion will set in. Everyone has their own definition of success and you can’t just jump on the band wagon of what someone else thinks; you need to be clear on what it means for you.

You get to decide what your blueprint for success will look like, on your own terms.

3 Steps to Clarify What Success Means to You


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Setting Goals For The New Year and Sticking To Them


"What is your best advice on how you help your clients not only set goals for the New Year, but also stick with those goals for the entire year?"

I had the pleasure of being a part of the OnPoint Mentors Expert Interview Series - Virtual Summit January 2021.

Watch all the Speaker Interviews HERE

Become an OnPoint Mentor Today



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Top 5 Reasons Successful People Practice Gratitude

The #1 Habbit That All Highly Successful People Share
People like Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, and Tim Ferriss all do this every single day.
All of these people are different in how they approach life, and the start of their day. They do all have one thing in common, they all consciously practice gratitude.
Here are the top 5 reasons successful people practice gratitude:
  • Gratitude grounds you in the present
  • Gratitude makes you happy
  • Gratitude strengthens relationships
  • Gratitude makes you healthier
  • Gratitude makes your brain work better
To read more click the link below and check out the article from
This week was a bit crazy meeting deadlines and getting my youngest set up and starting on-line learning. But, in between all of that some amazing things happened.
Top 3 Things I am grateful for this week.

  1. I am truly grateful that I was...
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Managing Constant Change is the New Normal. Here’s How I Do It!

 wrote a special newsletter for you today to share my top four strategies to manage change. It couldn’t come at a better time, right?

Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have been reprioritizing daily and there is much more ahead, managing kids, school, my business and how to keep my kids safe, physically and emotionally. Can you relate?

It feels like I am moving forward, then pause, reprioritize, start again, and repeat several times a day.

This is a time where we will have to decide where our real priorities are! Work is important but so are our children, as I am sure you will agree.

Constant change is the new normal. Being able to adapt and be flexible with changes occurring daily; when school will begin, when actual classes will start, what links to use, and who will be doing what. I have to tell you I am a bit overwhelmed and concerned. Just yesterday for those children who are virtual learning we were supposed to get on-line so our kids can listen to videos and...

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Your Vision Determines Your Success


Your vision is the foundation for everything you do. Having a vision, allowing yourself to dream about the possibilities is the answer to bringing it all to life. A powerful vision is what keeps you excited and motivated to drive it all forward every day. 

I found this article the other day, it is one of many articles that discusses the importance of having a big vision, of having a dream. It covers some of the strategies I use with my clients every day that sets them up for the success they want and deserve.  

It is about a 5-8 min read, depending on how quickly you read, and worth the time. 

Once you have created your vision, what if you could create a Life Success Board that laid it all out for you? Would that excite you? 
A organized visual of your vision that you could hang up over your desk as your reminder every day? A Life Success Board that actually meant something?

I never liked vision boards personally. However, our...

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What is your next move?

Life has been one roller coaster ride after another since March of this year for everyone. 

We are making changes, pivoting our life, business, career, and making decisions about school for our kids.

  • Lots of change and lots of uncertainty.
  • Shifting how we do day to day life and business.
  • Becoming really flexible and being able to make things work.

We are learning to get comfortable with change.

Today I was on a call with my own coach, and I’m watching my girls in the pool outside at the same time

I see my girls from the corner of my eye in the backyard with the blender in hand to make what I assume are slushies. They took it outside so as not to disturb me. Very thoughtful but also somewhat worrisome. When I am coaching I am focussed on my clients, but I still have an ear listening to what my girls are up to.

As a business owner, I have had to change directions and pivot my business approach a few times already this year. 

Business, clients, life, kids, and...

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It’s Up To You How Your Story Ends

What is your story?

We all have a story, a past story, present story and a future story.

Each part of our story makes up who we are and who we will be. Parts of our story may be terrible, not so great, good and amazing.

If you were to think of your life like a book as you flip through the pages of your life, there are array of emotions, actions and circumstances we have experienced. Laughter, tears, sadness, power, strength, anger, regret, and so much more. Each circumstance provides you with an opportunity to learn and experience something that will support you in your choices and growth.

You get to decide if your experiences with help you grow, love, and succeed OR, hold you back, hate, and regret.

Think about when you are on the last page of your story book, what will it say about you? What impact will you have made?

  • What kind of person were you? Did you like who you saw?
  • What impression did you leave on the people you met?
  • What did you achieve? Where did you work? Where did you...
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How to Have a Powerful Discovery Call!

Before I dive in let me describe a discovery call for you, so we are on the same page.

A discovery session is the opportunity to get to know your client, to listen to what they have to say. It will tell you what their challenges are and insight into what their goals are. It is also the opportunity to identify if you are a good fit to work together. 

Have you ever had a discovery call? Have you ever had a powerful discovery call with someone where you felt heard and understood where you realized that what you want might actually be a possibility?

How would you like to be able to do the same for your clients? You will not only be able to move them forward but discovery sessions that will also increase your closing ratio.

A Discovery Session will provide you with the following information:

  • Your potential client’s current challenges
  • What they have tried, what has worked and what has not worked
  • Their goals and what they want to create or expand
  • What they want to see happen...
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Develop Sales Funnels with Ease

When I first heard about sales funnels, I had no idea what people were talking about.   I come from a time where we picked up the phone and called people.  

Sales funnels are like a puzzle, each piece leads into completing a bigger picture and each connection leads into a potential sale.  

In our Sales newsletter last week, we talked about building trust. People need to see what you have to offer before they are willing to invest in your services and programs.

Never be afraid to give something away for free that provides massive value.  

You want people to see what you do, the expertise you offer, and what problems you will solve for them. 

This is also how you will build trust with potential clients. It is important to let them experience what it would be like to work with you.

A sales funnel is the road map on how to connect with potential clients and how to share new offerings with existing clients. 

You are giving them a...

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