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13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

This is one of my favorite articles.  It embodies the simplicity of be successful yet most of us make it very difficult.  Own and running a business is not easy but it definitely does not need to be as hard as we tend to make.   I was watching a show with my 10-year daughter Myia, there was a couple that liked each other but were I guess kind of uncomfortable and unsure.  She turned to me and said, “mom why are they making it so difficult.”  It was a great observation and lead into a fabulous conversation on how we choose to look at situations, react to them and the importance of communication.     

When we are in the middle of everything it is sometimes hard to have perspective.   This list 13 simple things we could give up to have the success we want.  Enjoy the read, I did. 

Carolyn Dickinson
International Executive Coach,
Speaker, Trainer & Author


Article By Zdravko Cvijetic


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Character Building Experiences in Business and in Life



Character building experiences happen all the time. Recently I had a full week planned with dead lines, client calls and appointments outside the office. Well Tuesday of that same week my 10-year-old daughter woke up quite sick and was not able to go to school for 3 days. The week had to be adjusted.  Being an Entrepreneur and a mom like many other women, I am always multitasking and looking for ways to be more organized and efficient with my time.

We all have those days or weeks when life happens and stuff comes up: strategy meetings, training new people, kids starting school for the first time, teething, family challenges, lack of sleep, and life to name a few.  Sometimes all of these things happen in one week.  The bottom line is, as an entrepreneur regardless of what is going on in life, we still need to run our business.

In my 18 years in business I have learned a few things and want to share with you 10 tips I live by:

  1. Never put off something you...
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Dream Big and Always Ask

I love hanging out with my kids because they are always teaching me lessons and allowing me to see the results of my reactions.  When my eldest daughter was 4 she was always pushing the limits and has been doing so since she was two years old.   It’s her job.

When I was pregnant with my second daughter I had to go shopping for a pair of open back shoes as my feet were swelling and I could not fit into anything.  I brought my eldest daughter with me who was 2 ½ years old at the time. She found these shoe horns and space pads under the seat I was sitting on.  She pulled some out and was playing with them when she then looked at me and said “Mommy can I have these?”.  I automatically said “no they belong to the store and they are not for us to take”.  She looked right at me and said I can ask.  I was just about to say no again and something reminded me about a training I took a while back that in life...

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Small Donations and Gifts Can Make a Huge Impact


Many people think they cannot make a difference.  They might not have the money or the contacts to really create an impact that will really matter.  Well I am here to tell you that every little bit helps and small donations can make a huge difference in someone’s life. 

I was chatting with an amazing lady by the name of Teresa Kruze and how we might be able to work together.  Before I have a call with anyone I do my homework and look up who they are what they do and the kinds of organizations they are affiliated with.  I came across a blog she wrote and I asked her if I could share it with you.  Teresa shared a personal experience she had and the impact of how a small donation can make a big difference.


“I had one of those “moments” last night that I’d really like to share with you.  I belong to a women’s book club where we meet monthly...

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5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators

5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators

Communication is the key to success in everything we do in business and in life. I am always intrigued by the way we think and how we view what is being said by others. The great thing about communication and being a good listener is that it is a learned skill. We can always become better at strengthen our skills.

I really enjoyed this article as it is in alignment with what I teach and the insightful tips provide a great resource on being an effective communicator. You may think that many of the tips are common sense, however I have realized that even though we may be aware of something it does not mean we are putting it into action.

It’s a quick read. If you are all about improving your skills like I am you will enjoy this article.

Carolyn Dickinson

International Success Coach,

Speaker and Author


5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators 

Written by Belle Beth Cooper

Aug 8, 2013 Last updated: Mar 10, 2016 - 7...

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5 Reasons Why Vision Is Important In Leadership

This is a great article that describes the power of having a vision in the simplest of terms, and points out that the most successful people on the plant had a vision.  The pitfalls in life are just a part of the process, especially when you have a strong vision that keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Like many of the people listed in this article, they were all discourage from doing what they envisioned was possible and are the best in their industry today.

It is a short but powerful read.  Enjoy.

To Your Success,


5 Reason Why Vision is Important in Leadership

By: Chantal Bechervaise

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”                                                                ~ Carl Jung


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Can you have work life balance, work hard and be successful? YES!


I believe in working hard. I have been working since I was 15 years old.   I have always given whatever I choose to do 200 %. Found ways to make it better or do it faster.   I have always given my all to everyone expect myself.   When you are on your own it is easier to live that kind of life.   But is it the way we should live life?    

I have heard and read we need to follow those before us that wake up at 5am before everyone else to get work done and the last to stop, finish or leave.   Yes, this may or may not bring success, but it will definitely take a toll on your life, your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual being.   I hear that we need to make sacrifices, which I agree with to a certain point.   But should those sacrifices cause you your health, your spouse, your family?   Okay so we may miss a few events, or not be home very night this too is a sacrifice.   I...

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