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Chaos to Possibility

Lots is happening in the world today and it is affecting all of us. I truly believe there is possibility everywhere.   

There are probably many things you have wanted to do and have said you don't have time for, this is the perfect time to pull out that list or create one.

So let's focus on what we can do:

Education - Read the books you have been collecting but have not had time to read.  Go through that program you bought but never had time to complete. There are also so many deals out there right now figure out one thing you would like to improve upon and get that one course.

Organization - office, closets, storage area, files, pictures, etc.

Exercise Routine - walk, hike, Beach Body - (14 days for free to try it out)   

Write a Book - I am sure many of you have been thinking about writing a book but running your business has kept you busy use some of your available time to get it started.

Create an Online Program – I...

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3 Steps to Reconnect With Your Purpose

The Importance of Your Purpose to Your Business

Have you ever been in the audience in a seminar and the speaker says what is your WHY? 

I have been in that audience so many times and I never really understood what they meant by what is your why. 

I want a million dollars, more vacations, bigger home, etc. We realized everyone had the same things on their list, and the speaker would say, “that’s not it, dig deeper”. What did that actually mean, dig deeper?

I later realized that all of those things were the benefits of your why or what I call your purpose.  

It’s the part of your business that was your starting point. Something that was missing from your life or in the market that you needed or wanted and could not find it. A product, a service. So, you decided to create it or make it better. It’s the part of your dream that kick-started everything. 

It states what the purpose of your company is and what service or product you...

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Execute Your Vision In Half The Time

How to create a plan that will get you to your Vision and Goals in half the time

Creating your Vision and purpose is the first part of having a successful business. The second part is having a sustainable action plan that lays everything out to reaching your bullseye and making your dream a reality.

In our December Newsletter and Blog, we discussed steps to create or expand your business vision. We asked you to make your list of tangible goals you want to accomplish, your vision of where you want your business to go.

Let’s look at how to set up your plan for the next year. 


Your plan needs to be well thought out and organized. Let’s start out with what you need to do in the first year of your plan to move it forward and increase your income and business growth.

Your Dream/Vision is a mental picture of the future state of where you want your...

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The one thing that can really kill your business! Not having an end goal - your vision!

Why is a powerful Vision so important for your business?

2020 Nugget – Your Vision


Your vision is your:

The Protein shake in the morning

The cup of coffee that starts your day right

The work out session that leaves you feeling exhilarated

The wake-up call that shakes your world like an earthquake

It is your power source that keeps you excited and drives you to the finish line.

If you don't feel like this, YOUR VISION is not big enough or it is not the right one for YOU.

Think of your vision like a GSP. We use our GPS to get to a location. Your Vision is very similar. You would decide where you want to go and enter it into your GPS to direct you on how to get there. Your GSP will also redirect your when there is an accident or traffic and then bring back to your path to get you to your destination.

Your Vision is your GSP for your business. Your vision is where you want to take your business, where you want to go.  Without your vision you can not create a...

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What is the biggest mistake people make at the end of the year?

Are you one of those people that slow things down because we are close to the holidays? If you are, how do you feel in January? Are you fighting to find business, feeling frustrated, stressed about bills? I used to be one of those people and I hated January, it was a new start but I sometimes felt like I was starting over.

What if you did not slow down? What if you continued to give value, connect with people, create collaborations with complimentary business owners, and went out of your way to meet new people and understand what their challenges are? Now, I am not saying don’t take a vacation and enjoy time with your family. Business owners that keep business on a high level during Nov and Dec have amazing January’s.

Karen is in the investment and insurance sector. She is all about giving value to her clients, go above and beyond to connect them with the right people to support them in the challenges they may be having. She had been building her...

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50 Things I Learned In The Past 50 Years


50 may just be a number, but its also how many years I’ve been on this beautiful earth.

Those years have brought experiences, challenges, success, lessons, love and friendships, each moving me along the path to making me who I am today.
And for that I’m grateful. 
Here’s what I have learned in those 50 years. My top insights that I’m happy to share with you. 

50 Lessons By 50 

  1.  You are the only one that can make what other people say mean something about you.

  2. If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything. (My Mom)

  3. Other peoples opinion of you is non of your business

  4. Your relationships matter, you need to put time into them.

  5. Practice Gratitude, every day it will change your life.

  6. Every day is a new chapter in your book of life. Decide how it will be written. You get to decide. 

  7. Other people's opinion only matters if you let it

  8. Never put your life on hold for business. Your family may not wait for you.

  9. What ever...
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10 Things You Need To BE, To Be A Successful Entrepreneur!

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. They are the kind of people that don’t give up.   They are told ‘they can’t do it’. They reply, ‘thank you for sharing’ - and quietly say to themselves, ‘watch me‘.  They know anything is possible and that they need a powerful vision and a plan. They are not afraid to take on the unknown and ‘figure it out’ as they go. Being a business owner is not always easy - but it is rewarding and does not need to be as hard as we some times make it.   

10 things you need to be a successful Entrepreneur:

  1. A Purpose – Your Why 
  2. Determination and Focus
  3. The ability to see the big picture - and the details 
  4. To recognize what ‘you do best and delegate the rest‘
  5. The confidence to ignore the naysayers  
  6. The ability to think outside the box
  7. To be a strong, active listener
  8. The ability to lead so others want to follow you
  9. An understanding that your...
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Attracting More Clients

The growth of all business comes from customers and meeting the needs of those customers regardless of what you are selling. So how do we attract them, where do we find them, how do we show them we have the right solution for their needs! 

Knowing what you do, what you have to offer and who wants to buy your product or service is the key. The clearer you are, the easier it is to clearly identify who is your ideal client/clients. 

I really liked this article that lays out 7 ways to attract new customers. It is simple and to the point. It also reinforces the importance of stepping back and working on your business. Industries change, target markets can also change so knowing your business, your market place/industry and target market sets you up powerfully to stay in front of your competition.  

Enjoy the read.

Carolyn Dickinson
Executive Coach
Carolyn Dickinson Success Coaching

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The Impact of Communication in Business and Life - 10 Tips for More Effective Communication in Business

As stated in many articles we spend 80% of our waking hours in some form of communication. That is a lot of time and leaves much room for misunderstandings, and assumptions.  What people perceive becomes fact for them. Their past and life has taught them to think and listen in a certain way. Now we can’t be expected to understand and know what everyone’s past or life experience have been. What we can do is improve our way of communicating with others so our information lands in a way that could be heard and understood in the way it is being presented.   

There is always room for improvement in anything we do and communicating is definitely one of those areas we need to continuously work on, especially because we spend 80% of our time doing it.

I found the article below by Calvin Sun to be very helpful and informative. It is in alignment with what I teach my clients and how I practice my communication.  

Enjoy the article and if there is...

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Why Your LinkedIn Profile Is So Important For Your Business

I did not realize how important LinkedIn is for my business until a couple of years ago when pitching to a client and the first thing he did before we met was take a look at my LinkedIn Profile. I had one but it defiantly did not portray me or my company in the way it should, and the potential client called me on it.

Well that was all it took. So, I hired an expert in LinkedIn to create my profile. I provided her with all of my information, links, pictures, etc. We talked about target market and who I wanted to connect with. It was done in a few days, I was happy that I did not have to do it and it was professional and properly represented who I was and what I was capable of.

I really like this article as is provides information on how imported LinkedIn has become to business owners. It also identifies the importance of your profile depicting who you are and what you have to offer, in the right way.

Enjoy the read.

Carolyn Dickinson
International Success Coach, Speaker, and...

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